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[NBT] NuBits Wallet Download and Info

Name: NuBits
Symbol: NBT
Launch: 2014-09-23


NuBits (NBT) The World's First Stable Digital Currency, Check the white paper at


  • Release date: 2014-09-23
  • Total coins: 2000000
  • Supply: 0
  • Market Cap: - BTC
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: 60 sec
  • Block reward: -
  • Retarget: -
  • Proof: ~


Reviews (Total: 22)

  • **talikkk Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5


    2017-01-11 16:02:46 Tips(NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **zen Innovation:4 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    A very strong coin built on a solid foundation. It functions as a static coin and so far all has been well. The prospects are endless with 1 dollar base very viable. This will continue to grow with Bitcoin.

    2016-05-18 10:51:14 Tips(NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(1)
  • **aper17062 Innovation:5 Marketing:4 Prospects5

    excellent long term investment, could use more marketing

    2016-02-22 10:54:29 Tips(NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **ony18 Innovation:1 Marketing:3 Prospects1

    ponzi. when the mike hern of nubits dissapears it will be too late!

    2016-01-17 17:43:25 Tips(NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(1)
  • **n Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    2015-06-29 22:14:50 Tips(NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **n Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Decentralized liquidity operations are being rolled out. You can get paid a percentage every minute for proving you are providing buy and/or sell side liquidity within 1% of the marketcap price for btc.

    2015-04-09 21:22:40 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **atha Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects4

    An interesting addition to the crypto world. Works like charm, not 100% of it's long term stability though.

    2015-03-28 22:32:13 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **4b1south Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Very Innovative, great for trading and store of value ... 1NBT=$1, I have used it successfully to trade bitcoin... .2% is better then 1% Fiat transaction cost.

    2015-02-04 11:05:45 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **zen Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Excellent coin with great stability and a hedge against flucuations in bitcoin.

    2015-01-28 08:55:23 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(1)
  • **ood_Groom Innovation:5 Marketing:4 Prospects4

    Very innovative. The mechanisms that make the price stable in 1USD are very fiable. The community is very active too.

    2015-01-24 22:12:10 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(1)
  • **rcellinuswiray Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    nice coin !!!!!!!!

    2015-01-17 16:28:15 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **ne Innovation:1 Marketing:5 Prospects1

    nubits is a ponzi. It's backed by NOTHING other than hot air and flashy marketing. The volume is entirely run by TWO ANONYMOUS GUYS running bots. 100% counterparty risk. These people will get hacked and lose your bitcoins - be careful.

    2015-01-16 08:28:35 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(4)
  • **D52 Innovation:4 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    excellent coin it will surely go to the top it can make 1000% return this year

    2015-01-15 01:49:16 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(2)
  • **D52 Innovation:4 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    excellent coin it will surely go to the top it can make 1000% return this year

    2015-01-15 01:49:09 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(2)
  • **omez905 Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Steady Climb tot he top^^^^ 1:1 BTC/USD

    2015-01-15 01:26:20 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **1nergolbert Innovation:5 Marketing:3 Prospects3

    This Crash today is the best test for NuBits. And it works.

    2015-01-13 21:13:14 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **yptotrades Innovation:5 Marketing:1 Prospects5

    Very few people are aware of the awesome that is NuBits/NuShares. Everyone should check out this innovative crypto 1:1 USD/NBT

    2015-01-04 08:50:27 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **vensuns Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Charts prove it, they have managed to keep the peg successful for over 90 days, they are the first stable crypto. Also check out Nushares.

    2014-12-31 20:12:27 Tips(0.005NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • Anonymous Innovation:5 Marketing:4 Prospects4

    I really love NBT for trading.. quickly shifts Dollars around!

    2014-11-09 00:11:30 Tips(0.008NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **ds2112 Innovation:5 Marketing:4 Prospects4

    The First, Stable Crypto-Currency. Whats not to like. It may not be perfect but looks as tho it will continue working well into the for-see-able future. A great place to park mining profits or hedge against a falling bitcoin.

    2014-11-06 03:06:47 Tips(0.008NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **lybright123 Innovation:4 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    Great coins with bright future. Pioneer of a new space

    2014-11-01 17:12:28 Tips(NBT) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **1103HSt Innovation:4 Marketing:5 Prospects3

    NuBits are pegged to the US Dollar at a 1 to 1 ratio, meaning that NuBits should always be worth about $1.00. They are created by holders of NuShares. Nubits holders are offered an interest rate in order to 'park' their Nubits, meaning that they cannot be sold for a period of time. NuBits are similar to bitUSD which is created in the bitshares platform, but have a different pegging mechanism. As Nubits are dollar pegged, one should not expect to gain or lose much money by buying them. Instead, one i looking to gain some interest, and/or to hedge against falling bitcoin prices.

    2014-10-27 01:46:13 Tips(0.012NBT) Upvote(3) Downvote(0)