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DASH/BTC0.0919 -5.26 %
MG/BTC0.0000206 +0.49 %
XMR/BTC0.0211 +5.74 %
DOGE/BTC0.00000028 -6.67 %
NXT/BTC0.0000122 -9.63 %
LTC/BTC0.004250 -1.39 %
ETC/BTC0.002328 -3.04 %
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XTC/BTC0.00000073 +15.87 %
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BTC and LTC Withdrawal Suspended for Anti-money laundering Compliance

2017-02-10 09:44:30    Author: 叶子    Category:    Tags:BTC,LTC   

In compliance with requirements  from regulators that Bitcoin exchange shall not violate laws and regulations related to anti-money laundering, foreign exchange management and payment settlement and other related financial laws and regulations,  BTER is going to formulate anti-money laundering standards for Bitcoin industry together with its peers in the industry based on the government laws and regulations and its experience in business operation and upgrade its anti-money laundering system  comprehensively to prevent and strike  crimes Bitcoin may be involved in  money laundering,  swap and pyramid scheme. To avoid illegal trading that may happen before the system upgrade, Bter has decided to:

1. Suspend withdrawals of LTC and BTC
2. Withdrawals of  CNY(Chinese yuan) and other businesses shall not be affected
3 The withdrawals of LTC and BTC will be restored as soon as the system implementation finishes. It may take a month for the formulation and implementation of the industry standard and it  may finish  ahead of the schedule depending on the developing progress. 

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Feb 10, 2017