Type Price 24h %
BTC/CNY16000.00 +6.67 %
DOGE/BTC0.0000015 +28.33 %
ETH/BTC0.0800 +12.70 %
MG/BTC0.0000056 -1.75 %
LTC/BTC0.0125 -1.03 %
XMR/BTC0.0189 +16.31 %
ETC/BTC0.004113 +11.16 %
ZEC/BTC0.1500 +163.16 %
DASH/BTC0.0625 +30.06 %
XCN/BTC0.0000020 +21.60 %
XEM/BTC0.000112 -8.37 %
BTS/BTC0.0000402 -16.95 %
BTRX/BTC0.0000305 -13.99 %
NXT/BTC0.0000357 -12.93 %
HKG/BTC0.0000300 +3.70 %
XTC/BTC0.0000022 -22.54 %
PPC/BTC0.000940 -6.93 %
CNC/BTC0.0000025 +2.43 %
XCP/BTC0.004970 -5.15 %
XPM/BTC0.000200 -20.15 %
NMC/BTC0.000999 -0.10 %
FTC/BTC0.0000155 -6.51 %
ETP/BTC0.001200 -78.18 %
QTUM/BTC0.000278 +0.00 %
REP/BTC0.0110 +0.00 %

[DGC] DigitalCoin Wallet Download and Info

Name: DigitalCoin
Symbol: DGC


Based on Scrypt algorithm, 40 seconds confirmation, 200,000,000 maximum coins.


  • Release date:
  • Total coins:
  • Supply: 13329000
  • Market Cap: 470 BTC
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: sec
  • Block reward:
  • Retarget:
  • Proof:


Reviews (Total: 14)

  • **e.miller Innovation:3 Marketing:2 Prospects2

    Hope it will go POS soon

    2017-01-02 07:14:47 Tips(DGC) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **rrybraggjr76 Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    get it working

    2016-09-09 11:39:33 Tips(DGC) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **rrybraggjr76 Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    admin needs to get this coin back working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2016-09-04 11:46:21 Tips(DGC) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **quared Innovation:4 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    This is a senior coin with excellent opportunities, especially with the Chinese markets. Information is outdated and exchange should contact admins at for updated information and support.

    2016-02-21 22:54:46 Tips(DGC) Upvote(3) Downvote(0)
  • **py Innovation:3 Marketing:3 Prospects3

    Why is this disabled? I want to withdraw my DGC

    2016-01-28 05:20:40 Tips(DGC) Upvote(2) Downvote(0)
  • **rtinJames Innovation:4 Marketing:2 Prospects5

    DGC withdraw is disabled

    2016-01-27 08:49:06 Tips(DGC) Upvote(2) Downvote(0)
  • **rian24 Innovation:3 Marketing:3 Prospects3

    admin please work withdrawal dgc

    2016-01-14 14:52:08 Tips(DGC) Upvote(3) Downvote(0)
  • **rian24 Innovation:3 Marketing:3 Prospects3

    admin please work withdrawal dgc

    2016-01-14 14:51:58 Tips(DGC) Upvote(1) Downvote(1)
  • **ckFheman Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0


    2015-09-02 10:31:43 Tips(DGC) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **monTower Innovation:5 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    With the new 3-ways algorithm(SHA, Scrypt, X11) DGC has one of the most secure blockchain. The transaction time is fast and calculable. With the solid development team, low price, unique code, 2 years history DGC is the best for invest from the "little" altcoins in long-term.

    2015-03-29 00:26:37 Tips(1.1DGC) Upvote(6) Downvote(0)
  • **lphmiowe Innovation:5 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    Other guy is wrong, it isn't a worldcoin clone and actually changed codebase entirely in 3.0 update. DGC has been a fair coin, original dev had his personal stash hacked and stepped down to avoid FUD but coins were never premined, they were always distributed fairly through PoW. the community is small and quiet but overall its one of the better original altcoins. needs a lot more PR. digitalcoin's distribution is really good, check the stats here:!rich

    2015-03-08 08:10:20 Tips(DGC) Upvote(4) Downvote(0)
  • **talicus Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    Worldcoin duplicate !

    2015-02-25 08:23:44 Tips(DGC) Upvote(1) Downvote(2)
  • **an619 Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0

    I start mining Digitalcoin and I enjoy.

    2015-01-04 02:35:24 Tips(0.5DGC) Upvote(3) Downvote(1)
  • **ckFheman Innovation:2 Marketing:2 Prospects3

    One of the sleepers. Surprisingly well distributed from the start, unlike most other altcoins. Ranks up there with Myriad as far as distro. They had big plans back in 2013, I lost touch, but judging by price I'm guessing things didn't pan out. It's one of those coins you go, "why is the price so low?". Maybe there's something I'm unaware of, but in my research this is a solid coin. I own no DGC, but did a long time ago.

    2014-10-30 14:20:11 Tips(0.5DGC) Upvote(4) Downvote(0)